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    Beach Waves Styling Kit


    Get luscious, beach-ready hair with this awesome styling kit!

    This super convenient method is both heat-free and painless!



    The Beach Waves Styling Kit is a full set of hairstyling tools that will help you achieve the hair you've always dreamed of! It comes with twelve (12) curls that helps you to curl your hair and a hook to help insert your hair into the curlers itself. Simply start the curling process after washing your hair and watch as the magic happens after your hair is dry!

    Purchase the Beach Waves Styling Kit for yourself today! 




    • PAIN-FREE: The Beach Waves Styling Kit is a painless way of getting gorgeous curls that would make everyone absolutely jealous! Say goodbye to traditional hair curlers that would burn your face and fingers and hair curlers that would pull at your hair and scalp.
    • SAFE: The Beach Waves Styling Kit is a hairstyle kit that is totally safe for your hair to use. It does not involve heat at all, which makes this one of the safest, if not the safest, way of achieving bouncy, beautiful curls for your hair! This will definitely not damage your hair in any way!
    • EASY TO USE: The Beach Waves Styling Kit is incredibly easy to use. The kit comes with twelve (12) styling curlers that you insert locks of hair into and a hook to insert the hair with. Simply push the hook into one curler until the hook comes out the other end, then twirl a lock of newly-washed hair with the hook. Pull your hair into the curler and let dry. Pull it out when done!
    • VERSATILE: The Beach Waves Styling Kit works with all kinds of hair! This works with thick hair, thin hair, short hair, long hair, colored hair, natural hair, damaged hair, and so much more! You're definitely getting good value for your money with this product!




    • Measurement
      • 0.98 x 9.84" (2.5 x 25 cm)
      • 0.98 x 11.81" (2.5 x 30 cm)
      • 0.98 x 17.72" (2.5 x 45 cm)
      • 0.98 x 19.69" (2.5 x 50 cm)
      • 0.98 x 21.65" (2.5 x 55 cm)
      • 0.98 x 25.59" (2.5 x 65 cm)
    • Material: plastic




    • 1 x Beach Waves Styling Kit (12)