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    Bicycle Pizza Cutter


    Slice your pizza with this adorable bicycle!

    This pizza cutter will be an absolute delight in your kitchen!



    The Bicycle Pizza Cutter is an adorable pizza cutter in the shape of bicycle! The wheels are actually round blades made of non-stick materials that effectively slice up your pizza without it getting stuck on the blades. This is definitely an adorable take on your regular pizza cutter and would be a cute addition to any kitchen.

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    • CREATIVE: The Bicycle Pizza Cutter isn't just your regular pizza cutter. This product is actually shaped like a bicycle with the wheels being the blades. Enjoy the sight of an adorable bicycle running over your pizza!
    • EASY TO HOLD: The Bicycle Pizza Cutter is actually very easy to hold to ensure clean cuts of your pizza. Simply grip the body of the bicycle and run the wheels once or twice to get proper slices. The blades are very sharp so you definitely won't need to run it too many times!
    • EASY TO CLEAN: The wheels of the Bicycle Pizza Cutter are made of non-stick materials that ensure that no food particles get stuck to it. Once you're done cutting, simply run the blades under some running water and soap and let dry.
    • VERSATILE: The Bicycle Pizza Cutter works on a variety of foods that aren't just pizza! It also works on quesadillas, enchiladas, crepes, and other flat foods that are easy to cut with this cutter.
    • CONVENIENT: The Bicycle Pizza Cutter comes with a handy holder that keeps the blades clean while the cutter is not in use. Simply insert the wheel into the holder and let it stand on its own!




    • Measurement: 7.28 x 4.52" (18.5 x 11.5 cm)
    • Material: PP, stainless steel




    • 1 x Bicycle Pizza Cutter