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    Flexi Nib Fountain Pen


    The #1 Choice for Doodlers!

    This will make you want to practice calligraphy writing ASAP. 

    The Flexi Nib Fountain Pen is a rounded calligraphy pen with a modified nib. The nib features two prongs that separate depending on the strength you write with. It gives thin lines when pressed lightly and thicker lines when you write a bit harder.

    Flex & Fast Writing - Vintage Fountain Pens, Flexible Nibs, Super Flex  Nibs, Wet Noodles, and Penmanship

    Our Flexi Nib Fountain Pen is perfect for calligraphy writing, jotting down notes, signing documents, drawing, or anything you can think of! 



    • MODIFIED NIB: The tip itself is actually tongued with the two prongs separating when pushed gently, allowing more ink to flow out.
    • COMFORTABLE: This sits very well in the hand and is very comfortable to write with. You can doodle for hours and explore gorgeous strokes with our Flexi Nib Fountain Pen!
    • EASY TO USE: It's so easy to use that it's perfect even for calligraphy beginners. Simply write in a gentle fashion to have crisper, cleaner lines, and in a firm fashion when you want bold strokes!
    • AESTHETIC: The Flexi Nib Fountain Pen comes in a variety of colors and designs and is bound to capture the attention of anyone who uses these pens!
    • STAINLESS STEEL: The pens are made with high-quality stainless steel and look very chic and professional!

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    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Compatible/refillable with both ink cartridgesand bottled ink


    1 x Flexi Nib Fountain Pen