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    Digital Electronic Microscope

    Bring the laboratory into your home at a fraction of the cost!

    This microscope is everything you need and more to satisfy your curiosity!



    The Digital Electronic Microscope is an amazing microscope that is incredibly easy to use. This microscope can be used absolutely anywhere at any time as it is not only portable and compact but also only needs a USB charger to work. It comes with zoom, brightness, and focus options that adjust the clarity of your slide and also a snap option to take a picture. It's an actual microscope at a fraction of the cost!

    Get a Digital Electronic Microscope for yourself today!




    • ADJUSTABLE: The Digital Electronic Microscope is perfectly adjustable to suit your every need. The brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted, as well as the focus of the photograph. The very design of the microscope also allows you to look at your specimen from any angle!
    • EASY TO USE: The Digital Electronic Microscope is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners! Simply hover the microscope over the specimen you want to examine. Press the zoom button to zoom in and the snap button to take a picture! Play with the roller to get the focus you need and adjust the LED brightness with the dimming control. For more detailed instructions, refer to the instructions sent with our package!
    • PORTABLE: The Digital Electronic Microscope measures at 4.72 x 0.79" (12 x 2 cm) and is the perfect microscope to have if you want to save some space in your home! It is very lightweight and compact so it's easy to take around with you wherever you need to go.
    • PROFESSIONAL: The Digital Electronic Microscope brings the laboratory into your home without the expensive price and maintenance! This product is perfect for all those who want to conduct scientific research and studies in the comfort of their own home.



    • Measurement: 4.72 x 0.79" (12 x 2 cm)
    • Material: ABS
    • Magnification: 1600X
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p




    • 1 x Digital Electronic Microscope
    • 1 x stand
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x instruction manual