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    DIY Solar Robot Kit

    Learn about the glorious fun of robotics and kinetics with this awesome robot kit!

    This toy is so easy to assemble and comes up with thirteen different robots!



    The DIY Solar Robot Kit is a complete and detailed kit that will help you create thirteen (13) perfect robots! Yes, you heard that right—thirteen (13) different robots! It also comes with a full set of instructions that are so easy to follow that even people with no prior experience can follow it. Spend quality time with your family today with this cool robotics kit!

    Grab a DIY Solar Robot Kit today!




    • DIVERSE: The DIY Solar Robot Kit can be built into thirteen (13) different shapes of robots! You can build it as an automobile, a surfer, a dog, a machine boat, a crab droid, a walker, a tumbler, a beetle, a rower, a taxi, a quadruped, a zombie, and a tortoise.
    • SOLAR-POWERED: The DIY Solar Robot Kit does not need batteries to work. It is powered completely by sunlight and thus only needs to be put outside to work. You can even use it indoors if direct sunlight is present! This saves you the need to buy and replace batteries.
    • DETAILED: The DIY Solar Robot Kit comes with a full list of instructions you're going to need to make all the different shapes and figures. Simply follow the instructions to get the most out of your new robot kit. The instructions are so easy to understand that even young children will be able to get it!
    • EDUCATIONAL: The DIY Solar Robot Kit is the perfect child's toy to get them started on learning about kinetics, robotics, engineering, and so much more. This is definitely the perfect toy to help your loved ones learn more about STEM in an extremely fun way.
    • FUN: The DIY Solar Robot Kit is an amazing way of spending quality time with your family and having fun with your creations! Not only is this toy very educational, it's also very entertaining for everyone to play with.




    • Measurement: 9.92 x 8.03 x 2.91" (25.20 x 20.40 x 7.39 cm)
    • Weight: 14.8 oz (419.57 g)




    • 1 x DIY Solar Robot Kit