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    Double Line Pen

    Add a splash of color into your life with these glittered pens!

    You're definitely going to love the stunning effect it has!

    If you love bright colors and sparkly glitter effects, the Double Line Pen is definitely something you'd want in your arsenal! These pens write with sparkly, silver ink that is outlined by bright, solid colors. It comes in twelve colors so you have a lot of choices with which to decorate and highlight your arts and crafts with! They're markers that pack a powerful punch!

    Grab a set of these Double Line Pens today!




    • AESTHETIC: The Double Line Pen is an amazing set of colored pens that we know you're absolutely going to adore! These pens write with an extremely opaque silver ink that are highlighted with solid colors. It's a really stunning effect that works on all sorts of mediums from paper to cardboard to even rocks!
    • VERSATILE: The Double Line Pen can be used for a variety of purposes! This can be used to decorate scrapbooks, bullet journals, school projects, and so much more. It can even be used to add a bit of highlight and decorative flair to regular notes and comments.
    • DIVERSE: The Double Line Pen comes with twelve bold and bright colors that are sure to capture the attention of everyone who uses them! They cover all your basic colors and are definitely more than enough to add a splash of color into everything and anything around you!



    • EASY TO USE: The Double Line Pen is incredibly easy to use! Simply use this as you would a regular marker. Just remember to shake the pen fairly well before using to mix the glitter and get the best results possible!




    • Measurement: 5.31" (13.5 cm)
    • Material: water-based ink, plastic




    • 12 x Double Line Pen