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    Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies (20Pcs/Set)

    Make your day extra special with some beautiful butterflies!

    These paper butterflies are sure to brighten up your day!



    The Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies is a set of twenty (20) paper butterflies that are extra bright and colorful. They actually fly in all directions like real butterflies too! Simply twist the top half of the butterflies to get them ready and release to watch them fly. People of all ages would definitely be able to appreciate the beauty of these butterflies!

    Grab a set of our Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies today!




    • EASY TO USE: The Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies are fairly easy to use. You simply twist the top half of these butterflies to let the rubber band coil up. When released, the rubber band uncoils, and that allows the wings to start flapping. It's so easy to use that people of all ages can play with them!
    • REUSABLE: The Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies can be used multiple times. It is not wasteful at all and can be used as many times as you need! They can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, and other special occasions that would look better with a butterfly shower.
    • AESTHETIC: The Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies are extremely bright and colorful paper butterflies that add a pop of color into any atmosphere! They look like actual, beautiful butterflies flying in the wind.
    • PLENTIFUL: Twenty (20) Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies come with this special set. There are enough butterflies to get around and definitely more than enough to create a special atmosphere anywhere, anytime!




    • Measurement: 4.72 x 3.94" (12 x 10 cm)
    • Material: paper




    • 20 x Fairy Rubber Band Butterflies