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    Fly Repellent Fan


    Keep those pesky flies away from your food!

    This is a chemical-free way of protecting your food from the bugs!

    The Fly Repellent Fan is a battery-powered device that scares off unwanted bugs. It features PVC-made blades that are dangerous to the flies and safe for other creatures, and lights that scare them away for an added bonus. These can be used whenever you're eating outdoors so you can enjoy your food as much as possible!

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    • REPELLING: The Fly Repellent Fan features PVC blades that deter flies from coming over. It also features battery-powered lights that appear dangerous to the flies and encourage them to stay away!
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: The Fly Repellent Fan contains no chemicals or insecticides that could pose a threat to the environment. This product is totally safe to use around your food for this reason as well!
    • SAFE: The Fly Repellent Fan is menacing and threatening to outdoor bugs but totally harmless to humans! The blades are made with soft PVC that stops when it comes across an obstacle and resumes once the obstacle is out of its way.
    • PORTABLE: The Fly Repellent Fan is measured at 9.84 x 3.54" (25 x 9 cm) and can definitely be brought anywhere and everywhere. You could definitely take this with you on picnics, campsites, beaches, and other places you'd need this!




    • Measurement: 9.84 x 3.54" (25 x 9 cm)
    • Material: ABS, PVC




    • 1 x Fly Repellent Fan