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    3D Human Anatomy Apron

     Fun Way To Learn Anatomy!😍✨

    This is 3D Human Anatomy Apron is a fun way to teach anatomy and help introduce kids to what's inside a human body! 

    Teach kids about the human organs, their shapes, where they're located, and possibly help spark an interest to learn more about their functions. 


    There’s no gross factor here- all parts are made from soft material and have beautiful bright colors that attract kid's attention. 

     Anatomy Apron Educational Toy – Pocket Raccoon

    Your child will quickly learn about all of the vital organs and will have fun doing so with our 3D Human Anatomy Apron!


    ✅ SAFE AND DURABLE: This 3D Human Anatomy Apron is made with high-quality polyester and cotton making it long-lasting and easy to wash. 

    ✅ FUN AND PRECISE: Each body part is clearly labeled and removable with velcro. It's so much fun your child won't even know it's educational.

    ✅ EASY TO WEAR: Just wear it like any other apron! Each organ is attached using velcro strips so you can tear each one off to get a closer look, and place it back on the apron when you're done inspecting it.

    ✅ PERFECT VISUAL AID: The 3D Human Anatomy Apron is a great visual aid for your children to learn all of the essential organs in the human body since the name of each organ is behind each one. 


    • Material: PP Cotton
    • Size: 64 x 45 x 5 CM / 25.20 x 17.72 x 1.97 IN (Approx.)


    • 1 x 3D Human Anatomy Apron