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    Kangaroo Pouch Shirt


    Spend quality time with your newborn baby!

    Keep your child close to your heart with this lovely kangaroo pouch!



    The Kangaroo Pouch Shirt is an awesome shirt perfect for newborn mothers. This cotton shirt features a large pouch down the front that is just big enough for a newborn baby to fit inside. Simply place your child inside, taking care to support them while doing so, and go about the rest of your day relatively hands-free. This is perfect for taking your child along when mommy needs to do some work so you can spend as much time together!

    Grab a Kangaroo Pouch Shirt for yourself today!




    • EASY TO USE: The Kangaroo Pouch Shirt involves no straps or buckles to help your child get inside. Simply open the pouch and gently place your baby inside. To take your baby out, slowly pull down the pouch while supporting the child and lift!
    • SUPPORTIVE: The Kangaroo Pouch Shirt helps to support your baby's weight so your arms can get a bit of a rest while you go about doing your business. Just remember that this isn't meant to totally carry your child, just provide support!
    • CUTE: Hold your newborn child close to your heart with the Kangaroo Pouch Shirt. After all, physical contact with your child helps to stabilize their emotions and lets them know that they are being taken care of very well.
    • COMFORTABLE: Made with premium cotton material, the Kangaroo Pouch Shirt is an extremely comfortable shirt to wear. This is especially great for parents with newborns as being comfortable should be an absolute must! This is definitely something you could wear on a day-to-day basis with no issues at all.




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    • Material: cotton




    • 1 x Kangaroo Pouch Shirt