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    Kitty Space Capsule Backpack


    Take your feline friends with you wherever you go!

    This backpack is every cat owner's dream!



    The Kitty Space Capsule Backpack is an adorable backpack that features a transparent bubble for your cat to look through. It looks like a cute spaceship that your cat is riding in while they are accompanying you wherever you go! Take your cat to adventures with you!

    Grab the Kitty Space Capsule Backpack for yourself and your cat today!




    • LARGE CAPACITY: The Kitty Space Capsule Backpack is measured at 16.54 x 12.60 x 10.24" (42 x 32 x 26 cm) and is definitely large enough for your cat to move around in while inside. This ensures your cat has space to relax in!
    • AESTHETIC: The Kitty Space Capsule Backpack is a beautiful backpack that comes in several beautiful colors. This is a backpack that would definitely look good on anyone!
    • BREATHABLE: The Kitty Space Capsule Backpack features ventilation panels all around the bag that helps your cat to stay nice and comfortable. This keeps the environment inside very breathable and safe for your pretty kitty!
    • COMFORTABLE: The Kitty Space Capsule Backpack is not only comfortable for the cat but also comfortable for the wearer! The materials this backpack is made of is very high-quality and very comfortable on the skin no matter how long you're wearing it!




    • Measurement: 16.54 x 12.60 x 10.24" (42 x 32 x 26 cm)
    • Material: PC, Oxford, acrylic




    • 1 x Kitty Space Capsule Backpack