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    LED Butterfly Wings


    Spread your wings like a beautiful butterfly!

    These look gorgeous as is but look even better at night!



    The LED Butterfly Wings absolutely transforms anyone who wears them into a butterfly. This is a delicately-crafted shawl that has LED lights sewn into the fabric. When lit up with the convenient battery box also installed, it glows brightly in different colors to give the illusion that you have bright and colorful butterfly wings. It's so pretty and fun that you just gotta have it!

    Buy these LED Butterfly Wings for yourself today!




    • AESTHETIC: The LED Butterfly Wings is a beautiful, transparent and shear shawl that features LED lights that shine in bold and beautiful colors. When put around your shoulders, this product transform you into a beautiful butterfly proudly showing off its wings!
    • SAFE: The LED Butterfly Wings features a battery box that supplies low voltage with high-quality copper wire that prevents any unwanted accidents. This product is very safe to use and is safe to use even among children!
    • VERSATILE: The LED Butterfly Wings can be used in all sorts of occasions! These can be used for birthday parties, Halloween costumes, school plays and presentations, dance performances, and so much more! After all, who could ever say no to something as pretty as this?
    • DIVERSE: The LED Butterfly Wings come in several different colors that are sure to caption the attention of anyone! Not only does it come in several solid colors like white and blue, it also comes in a special rainbow color that features all the colors of the rainbow.




    • Measurement: 57.09 x 118.11" (145 x 300 cm)
    • Material: polyester




    • 1 x LED Butterfly Wings