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    LED Pet Nail Clippers

    Safely and easily clip your pets' nails!

    This device makes grooming your pet an enjoyable experience!

    The LED Pet Nail Clippers are a pair of pet nail clippers that feature an LED light to help make clipping your pets' nails very safe and secure. Simply insert your pets' nail into the compartment, position the stainless steel blade properly, and clip! It's super simple, and clean-up is also super easy.

    Purchase the LED Pet Nail Clippers for yourself today!




    • SAFE: The LED Pet Nail Clippers feature extremely sharp stainless steel blades that clip your pets' nails swiftly and cleanly. These blades ensure that nail cutting with your pets is as safe, swift and normal as it can possibly be!
    • ILLUMINATED: The LED Pet Nail Clippers features a strong LED light that illuminates your pets' nails. This ensures that you're only going to be clipping off the nails and none of the blood vessels close to the nail! Lessen the risk of injury easily!
    • CLEAN: The LED Pet Nail Clippers have a handy compartment that's built to catch the clippings before they hit the floor! After every session, simply detach the compartment from the device and empty it.
    • PORTABLE: The LED Pet Nail Clippers run on battery power and does not involve wires or cords. This makes the nail clipping session a lot easier! This also makes this device easier to store when it is not in use.




    • Measurement: 5.98 x 1.18 x 3.54" (15.19 x 3.00 x 8.99 cm)
    • Material: plastic, silica gel, stainless steel




    • 1 x LED Pet Nail Clippers