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    Magical Glowing Ball

    Spend quality time with your loved ones with this awesome toy!

    This toy is so pretty and easy to use that even kids can play with it!



    The Magical Glowing Ball is an awesome flying drone that features a colorful disco ball that glows beautiful, bright colors. It has two sets of propellers and smart sensors that allow it to fly around the room for an extremely fun time for everyone in the family. It's also so easy to control—it's controlled with your hands and perfect for people of all ages!

    Grab a Magical Glowing Ball for yourself today!




    • EASY TO USE: The Magical Glowing Ball is an innovative and fancy-looking toy that's actually incredibly easy to use! To control the toy, simply place your hands underneath and around the ball to control where it goes. It's so easy to use that even kids can figure it out! 
    • SMART-SENSING: The Magical Glowing Ball features advanced LED infrared sensor technology, inductive suspension and collision protection. It automatically senses when there are objects around the ball and flies away to avoid collision.
    • DURABLE: The Magical Glowing Ball is made of high-quality, premium materials that make it very sturdy and durable. The wings do not break easily and are not easily deformed, either. It resists damage very well.
    • AESTHETIC: The Magical Glowing Ball is an extremely pretty toy that shines and glows in extremely beautiful and bright colors. This is a toy that your children are definitely going to be enticed and fascinated by! It's beautiful on its own but looks even better at night!




    • Measurement: 6.10 x 4.33" (15.5 x 11 cm)




    • 1 x Magical Glowing Ball