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    Magical Growing Christmas Tree

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    You won't believe your eyes!

    This Magical Growing Christmas Tree has an enchanting ability to grow in just a few hours, and you will be amazed when it does! 😍🎄

    The Magical Growing Christmas Tree transforms itself from a piece of cardboard into a full-grown, bushy miniature tree in just 8 to 24 hours. 😱😱

    Just add the special magic liquid to the base of the cardboard tree and watch the crystals grow. The tree sprouts green foliage on its branches and can be decorated with beaded garland, a star, etc.

    This Magical Growing Christmas Tree is definitely a new novelty Christmas gift that appeals to all ages! ✨💝


    🎄 MAGICAL GROWTH: This Magical Growing Christmas Tree is the ultimate science experiment for you and your kids. Within just hours, the tree will be covered with gorgeous colorful fluff and crystals!

    🎄 FUN TO WATCH: It's simple, and yet incredibly engaging. You will want to watch it grow because you don't want to miss out on anything.

    🎄 CHRISTMAS DECOR: The Magical Growing Christmas Tree makes a unique, great ornament for Christmas holiday, home, office, or anywhere you want.

    🎄 EDUCATIONAL TOOL: This Magical Growing Christmas Tree will stimulate your children's imagination and pique their curiosity about how it grows.  


    • Material: Paper + chemical reagents
    • Size: 9.5×14cm/3.74×5.51"
    • Colors: Green, White, Rainbow

    How to Use:

    1. Put the paper tree on the plate.
    2. Separate the branches according to the cutting traces. The more open the branches are, the larger the growth space is, and the more beautiful they are!
    3. Add the decor and pour the magic water pack into it.
    4. Within 2 to 3 hours, colorful crystals will begin to appear on the tree branches!
    5. Enjoy your Magical Growing Christmas Tree. Add more decors if you want!

    Set this up on Christmas eve with kids. You and your children won't believe your eyes when you wake up on Christmas morning! 😱🎄

    Package Includes:

    1 or 3pcs/Set Magical Growing Christmas Tree