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    Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover

    Keep your car windshield safe and protected from the elements!

    This windshield cover makes driving so much easier and quicker!



    The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover is a protective covering that is both easy to install and easy to remove. It can be installed on the windshield of your car to protect it from things like rain and snow to prevent it from getting dirty, especially if the weather is bad outside and you don't have time to clean up in the mornings! It even comes with several magnets in the lining to keep it secure when in use.

    Grab a Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover for yourself today!




    • RESISTANT: The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover is highly resistant to the elements! It repels rain, snow, UV rays, dust, and other things that can be harmful to your windshield. It can also be used as a sunshade and snow cover when the vehicle is not in use.
    • VERSATILE: The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover should fit most brands of cars, minivans and SUVs. Its measurements are 82.68 x 49.21 x 57.09" (210 x 125 x 145 cm) and should definitely be large enough to fit most sizes of windshields!
    • STURDY: The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover features powerful magnets to help keep the cover in place. Rest assured that the cover will not be moving while installed on your car, even with how wild the weather can be sometimes!
    • EASY TO INSTALL: The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover is really easy to install. Simply smooth down the material to your windshield. The magnets within the cover should help to secure it. It also helps to close the doors on it for some extra weight!
    • COMPACT: The Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover can be easily folded into a smaller size if you need to keep it out of the way. It can easily be stored into your glove compartment or the back of your car without any issues.




    • Measurement: 82.68 x 49.21 x 57.09" (210 x 125 x 145 cm)
    • Material: polyester fabric




    • 1 x Magnetic Vehicle Snow Cover
    • 1 x storage bag