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    Multi-Function Bread Slicer


    😍 The Ideal Dough Shape Cut-Outs, All In One Motion! 😍

    Adjustable Blade Roller Pin Croissant Cutter Multi function Bread Slicer  Set Stainless Steel Croissant Bread Dough Cutter Roler3 on AliExpress

    Baking requires a lot of skills, and it often takes a lot of time and effort. But thanks to our Multi-Function Bread Slicer, you can cut away dough evenly and beautifully in one simple motion! 😍🥳

    The Multi-function Bread Slicer is unique, combining sensible functionality with a sleek and modern style. It not only provides convenience but also improves the efficiency of making bread and increases the fun of making. 🥖🍞

    Adjustable Blade Roller Pin&Croissant Cutter Multifunction Bread Slicer  Home Set | eBay


    • FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL: Our Multi-Function Bread Slicer is made of fine material that is durable, environmentally friendly, and wear resistance.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The Multi-Function Bread Slicer has a cross blade design. It also has rollers with a plastic handle for you to easily roll and get three pieces of uniform dough in an instant.



    • EASY TO CLEAN: Compared to wooden pin spacers, this Multi-function
      Bread Slicer is easy to clean without rusting.
    • EASY TO STORE: The Multi-Function Bread Slicer features a hanging hole for easy storage on the kitchen wall.
    • IDEAL GIFT FOR BAKING ENTHUSIASTS: Our Multi-Function Bread Slicer is perfect for professional pastry chefs, home bakers, and thoughtful gifts for baking lovers.




    • Material: PP + Iron
    • Individual Product Weight: 177.2 g
    • Size: 17.32 x 2.95 x 2.87 in


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    1 x Multi-Function Bread Slicer