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    Multifunctional Wall Painting Set

    Do a marvelous paint job with this awesome painting set! 

    There are multiple tools and goodies for both beginners and experts!



    The Multifunctional Wall Painting Set is a set of painting brushes and tools that will give you an amazing paint job, even the nooks and crannies! One of the brushes even features an in-built paint compartment that helps you create a more even layer and prevents spills and droplets from happening. It's a complete set that will look amazing in any person's toolkit!

    Grab the Multifunctional Wall Painting Set for yourself today!




    • DIVERSE: The Multifunctional Wall Painting Set comes with three different painting tools to help you get the painting job done well! There is also a resting tray for you to rest your tools on and a pour jug for you to easily hold your paint.
    • TIME-SAVING: The Multifunctional Wall Painting Set features an innovative, specially-designed paint roller that actually houses the paint within. Simply pour in your paint into the compartment and start using it! No preparation, no drops, and no spills!
    • EVEN: The Multifunctional Wall Painting Set paints in a perfect, thin and even layer. This tool performs admirably and would do extremely well with professional home renovations or even just a fun activity for the family!
    • CONVENIENT: The Multifunctional Wall Painting Set comes with a handy flocked edger and corner cutter painter that allows you to paint even the trickiest of nooks and crannies easily! The corner cutter painter is for painting corners while the flocked edger is for painting straight lines.




    • Measurement
      • Paint Roller: 7.68 x 8.27" (19.5 x 21 cm)
      • Flocked Edger: 3.94 x 9.84" (10 x 25 cm)
      • Corner Cutter Painter: 7.87 x 2.68" (20 x 6.8 cm)
      • Resting Tray: 8.62 x 4.69" (21.9 x 11.9 cm)
      • Paint Pour Jug: 2.52 x 5.91" (6.4 x 15 cm)
    • Material: PP, sponge, flocking, stainless steel, plastic




    • 1 x Paint Roller
    • 1 x Flocked Edger
    • 1 x Corner Cutter Painter
    • 1 x Resting Tray
    • 1 x Paint Pour Jug
    • 3 x Stainless Steel Tubes