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    Nano Carry-On Suitcase


    This is a bag that you're definitely going to love!

    Its unique design makes it look like a mini version of a luggage bag!



    The Nano Carry-On Suitcase is everything you need and more in a handbag! It is designed to look like a luggage bag while also featuring the ergonomics and convenience of a real luggage bag! It is definitely large enough all of your essential items like your wallet and cellphone, making it the perfect bag to take with you wherever you need to go.

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    • AESTHETIC: The Nano Carry-On Suitcase is a novel and unique handbag in the shape of a luggage bag. It's extremely beautiful and quirky while still being very convenient and ergonomic. It's also very inconspicuous and would definitely complement a lot of outfits!
    • LARGE: The Nano Carry-On Suitcase is a handbag that's actually pretty large! It can easily fit in items needed throughout the day like your wallet, cellphone, makeup items, and so much more. This is definitely the perfect handbag to have if you're out and about!
    • EASY TO CARRY: The Nano Carry-On Suitcase comes with a long, thick strap with the words, "FOREVER YOUNG". This can be slung over your shoulder if you'd like something casual or over your head and shoulder if you want something more secure.
    • DIVERSE: The Nano Carry-On Suitcase comes in multiple bright and beautiful colors like blue, white, green, and even pink! There is bound to be something that suits anyone's tastes among our wide selection.




    • Measurement: 4.13 x 6.89 (10.5 x 17.5 cm)
    • Material: PVC, polyester




    • 1 x Nano Carry-On Suitcase