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    Ombre Rainbow Puzzle

    This puzzle is extremely beautiful and colorful!

    This is a great way of spending time with yourself and with the family!



    The Ombre Rainbow Puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle game that features a rainbow ombre. This is a more elegant take on your regular puzzle games as you base it off of the colors rather than the whole picture. Spend time with the entire family today with a very good and relaxing puzzle! It's so much fun for people of all ages and will definitely keep you occupied during the quarantine season.

    Get the Ombre Rainbow Puzzle for yourself today!




    • ENTERTAINING: The Ombre Rainbow Puzzle is a very entertaining way to pass the time especially if you're stuck indoors! This game is awesome if you're looking to spend time with the family or even just spend time alone. It's fun for people of all ages!
    • HIGH-QUALITY: The Ombre Rainbow Puzzle is made of high-quality, recycled board material that is very sturdy and bend-resistant. The surface of these puzzle pieces remain fresh and vivid no matter how long and how often you play with this!
    • CHALLENGING: The Ombre Rainbow Puzzle is made up of a thousand (1000) puzzle pieces that will definitely take some time and effort to complete! The overall design also makes it extremely challenging as you're only basing it off of colors of the rainbow. Stimulate the mind today with this challenging puzzle!
    • CONVENIENT: The Ombre Rainbow Puzzle features an alphabet guide in the back to help you solve the puzzle if you find yourself stuck. Simply turn the puzzle pieces around to help you get back on track!




    • Measurement: 26.57 x 25.87" (67.5 x 65.7 cm)
    • Material: paper




    • 1 x Ombre Rainbow Puzzle