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    LED Ring Light With Phone Holder


    Capture The Best Selfies Anytime, Anywhere!

    Take beautiful pictures with great illumination every time with our LED Ring Light With Phone Holder!

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    The LED Ring Light With A Phone Holder helps to eliminate the shadows, poor light imbalance, and other lighting deficiencies. It can be adjusted to any angle to take photos, shoot videos, or do live streaming with a 10-level adjustable LED to making up. With its USB power cord, it allows you to shoot for hours without the need for a battery

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    You won’t have to worry whether your photo is dark, you won’t have to bring those bulky and heavy cameras and camera gears to your travels, or any occasion you’re going to. Just your phone and this handy device are enough to capture every moment with your loved ones.

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    📲 UNIVERSAL: It is suitable for almost all smartphones, such as iOS and Android models, the holder is powered by multiple devices with a USB cable, for example, a computer, power bank and etc. 

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    📲 360° FLEXIBLE HOLDER: The LED Ring Light With Phone Holder features a 360-degree rotating phone holder, free to adjust any angle as you like for convenient reviewing, taking pictures, or shooting videos.

    📲 ADJUSTABLE LIGHT: The LED Ring Light With Phone Holder has multiple hues and brightness settings to get just the right look. Just choose from the 3 light colors and 10 level brightness for your preferred uses- make-up, lay flat, selfie photos taking, dark scenery logging, etc. 

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    📲 USB POWERED: No battery needed, it features a long USB cable to ensure sufficient reach to your phone adapter.

    📲 MULTI-PURPOSE: Make videos at night or take great selfies in dark areas with this – a professional tool for creating live videos/ recordings with a smartphone or computer. Perfect for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, FaceTime, etc.



    • Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Color: Black
    • LED Light Arm Length: 13.78 in/ 55 cm
    • Phone Holder Arm Lenght: 13.78 in/ 35cm
    • LED Power: DC5V, 12W
    • LED Color Temperature: Adjustable 3 Colors (Warm, White, Warm+White)
    • Charging Port: USB
    • Phone Holder Width: 2.28in- 3.15 in/ 5.8cm-8cm
    • Package Size: 7.3 x  5.9 x 3.1 in/ 18.5 x 15 x 8 cm
    • Package Weight: 551g / 19.4oz


    • 1 x LED Ring Light With Phone Holder