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    Phone Screen Magnifier


    Use this to project and magnify your phone screen!

    With this product, any screen can be a movie screen!



    The Phone Screen Magnifier is an awesome device that features a large magnifying lens that amplifies the size of your phone screen. This way, you can sit back and relax while watching your favorite videos on your phone. Simply position your phone in the handy phone compartment, pull out the magnifying screen out, and position the product up exactly the way you want it. It's that easy!

    Get the Phone Screen Magnifier for yourself today!




    • MAGNIFIED: The Phone Screen Magnifier features a 12-inch amplification screen that works to double the size of your phone screen. This way, you can watch TV shows and movies and stream your favorite YouTube videos without having to have your phone too close to your face.
    • VERSATILE: The Phone Screen Magnifier is compatible with most mobile phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more. It works with phones of all sizes, so you don't have to worry about the kind of phone you have at all!
    • PORTABLE: Measuring at 10.22 x 6.84 x 0.35" (25.96 x 17.37 x 0.89 cm), the Phone Screen Magnifier is incredibly lightweight and compact. It definitely aces in the portability department and can easily be slipped into a bag so you can take it wherever you go!
    • ADJUSTABLE: The height and angle of the Phone Screen Magnifier can be easily adjusted by moving around the stand located at the bottom of the product. This feature is very convenient and ensures that you're super comfortable while using your phone!




    • Measurement: 10.22 x 6.84 x 0.35" (25.96 x 17.37 x 0.89 cm)
    • Material: ABS, acrylic




    • 1 x Phone Screen Magnifier