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    Fast Hair Drying Towel


    You'll like how it works, but you'll love how it feels! 🌈😍

    This is more than just a towel — it’s a turban! With a button!

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    This Fast Hair Drying Towel is a microfiber towel that is super soft and extremely comfortable to wear. It can wicks water away from your hair and cuts blow-dry time in half!

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    The quality of fabric gives this towel outstanding water absorption qualities which provide quick hair drying results. You can also choose from a variety of different colors! 

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     You can now get dressed, and check email, all while drying hair without discomfort or head towel wrap falling off!


    🌈 SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This incredibly lightweight towel will soak up tons of water and can take it everywhere you go!

    🌈 LONG-LASTING: The Fast Hair Drying Towel is made of highly durable, quality material that can be used day after day and washed hundreds of times without wearing out or losing any capacity.

    🌈 EASY TO USE: The unique twist and loop system makes the hair towel wrap remain in place.

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    🌈 REDUCE FRIZZ & BREAKAGE: With our Fast Hair Drying Towel, your hair is less frizzy, smoother, and healthier compared to the harm caused by blow dryers.

    🌈 VERSATILE: Perfectly fits all hair types and lengths. It also very ideal for everyday use at the home, gym, and even travel.


    • Material: Coral Fleece (Microfiber)
    • Size: 23.62" x 9.85" (60 x 25 cm)
    • Applicable People: Women / Men / Teen
    • Machine Washable: Yes
    • Secure Button: Yes


    • 1 x Fast Hair Drying Towel